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08 April 2009

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Prodipan is a Bengali term which means ‘enlightenment’. Prodipan’s first step into the world of development as a voluntary organization was during 1983 when a group of zealous social activists organized by the founder Secretary decided to bring to reality their harbored dream of creating a society where the basic needs of the people would be ensured through socio-economic development initiatives. Prodipan’s initial effort was to mobilize the people of `Beel Dakatia` who were prone to long term effects of water logging in the districts Khulna and Jessore of the south-west part of Bangladesh. The focus was gradually expanded to deal with people’s vulnerability created through climate change impacts and environmental problems of the coastal regions. At one point of time Prodipan undertook limited interventions in urban areas while tracking the ‘climate refugees’. Whatever Prodipan does and wherever Prodipan is strict pursuance of gender, children and disability remains the governing principle.
Since its inception, Prodipan has bestowed on special emphasis on Dr. A K Sen’s human development and has strived to raise social awareness and enhance empowerment of the beneficiaries, which ultimately assist the process of building an institution which is OF the people and FOR the people.





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