Project Period: August 2018 to July 2021

Project Goal:

The ability of children and their communities in Khulna City Corporation has enhanced capacity to respond to climate change is enhanced and sustained through strengthened sub-national processes, systems and national level advocacy.


1. Child-centered and disability inclusive climate change adaptation assessments, tools and planning processes are established and strengthened at community and school level.
2. The capacity of the sub-national government to support local climate change risks and vulnerabilities is increased through the development and strengthening of tools and planning processes.
3. Sub-national governments in targeted areas are engaged in local level adaptation planning and have the tools to mobilize resources to support priority adaptation measures.
4. Sensitized national level government to incorporate child sensitive CCA in their plans, platforms and actions.

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Project Location: Dumuria, Paikgacha & Koyra Upazila in Khulna District and Tala, Kaliganj & Satkhira Sadar Upazila in Satkhira District

Project Goal:

Contribute to increased agricultural system productivity, food security, and healthier diets in Bangladesh's delta region through adoption of resilient nutritious potato and sweet potato and at times specifically orange fleshed sweet-potato varieties, better agronomic practices, and improved utilization of the crops.

Purpose of the Project

The immediate purpose of the project is to strengthen farmer access to, and utilization of, released improved salt tolerant P and SP (specifically bio-fortified OFSP) varieties in two districts in the Southern Delta and improve NARS' capacity and approaches for continued varietal development and adaptation.

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Project Period: March 2017 to February 2022

Project Goal:

To contribute for ensuring safe and pollution free environment in Bangladesh and modeling scientific Clinical Waste management


  • - Reducing risk from re-cycling the medical waste items like; blade, needle, syringe and blood bag.
    - Reducing risk of HIV/AID contamination for the drug addicted people.
    - Through due disposal of medical waste item can ensure sound drainage system of City Corporation.
    - Create an environment which is free from infectious hospital waste
    - Awareness creation on hazards of clinical waste.
    - Stop recycling of infusion sets and syringes.
    -Environment is saved from contamination of germs of deadly disease.
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Project Location: Sharonkhola and Mongla Upazila in Bagerhat District

Project Goal:

Modeling of climate change responsive water supply by refining surface saline water from any available source in the coastal areas

Objective of the Project

- Ensure safe drinking water to 4000 coastal people everyday
- Modeling supply of safe drinking water by converting surface saline water
- Establishment of water treatment plants in possible cases

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Project Location: Mongla Upazila in Bagerhat District

Project Goal:

Ensure Food Security to vulnerable women and their life skill development for long as well as sustained development of targeted women

Purpose of the Project

- Support government to its Vulnerable Group Development Program
- Ensure Government Food support allocation to reach the beneficiaries “as it is” basis
- Life-skill development for targeted women and their families
- Dissemination of health and nutrition information to targeted women and their families
- Primary literacy for targeted women and their families

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